Tuimyalii Village Narrowly Survives Fawn Fire

On Sept. 25, 2021, the Fawn Fire north of Redding burned to our doorsteps. The land of Tuimyalii village was scorched but the homes and structures were saved, and the oaks are still standing. Chief Caleen Sisk thanks all who fought the fire, helped evacuate people and animals, and put down prayers. Many Winnemem Wintu residents were put up by Redding Rancheria at their hotel. People and animals all are OK and looking forward to returning home. Thank you all.

It was a very close call. Other properties in the fire area were devastated and our thoughts are with those neighbors who lost their homes. On Sept. 27, two days later, a light gentle rain has arrived.

Successful completion of the 2021 Run4Salmon

For two weeks in July we walked, biked, ran, rode horseback, and paddled the Run4Salmon, our annual prayer journey following the path of migrating Chinook. From Mt. Shasta to San Francisco Bay we shared Winnemem Wintu ecological knowledge, built solidarity among California tribes, provided lessons and curriculum to teachers, and encouraged young activists to take the values of Run4Salmon to their own communities.

Salmon start their journey as freshwater fish. When they reach the bay, they change into saltwater fish for their years at sea.

Change is what we all need, for our future Winnemem generations and all people to thrive.